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Independent midwife Nadia & Birth Doula Victoria Antenatal preparation conversation

10hrs @ £750
4hrs @ £350

1-2-1 preparation conversation with Midwife Nadia and Doula Victoria in your home or agreed place

For any questions, please refer to FAQ's or contact us here. 

1-2-1 Antenatal Preparation Conversation

Preparation conversation with Midwife Nadia & Doula Victoria.

Spread out our meetings how you prefer. You can arrange 2 hours in the weekday evenings across a number of weeks or a set of meet ups over 2 weekends. You will decide together how to tailor this course around your schedule and requirements. 


We will meet with you in your home, ours or a location of your choice for 1-2-1 conversation to talk, discuss and listen as you prepare for your journey of pregnancy, birth and matrescence (becoming a new parent).


As an experienced midwife and birth doula, we will guide you through everything you need to know in preparation for the birth of your baby, dismantle any fears or concerns arising and support you to feeling super excited about giving birth. We want you to empower yourself.


Our conversations will be lead by you but can cover all these areas :


  • Physiology of labour and birth

  • the phases of labour and birth

  • your hormones that play a vital role

  • the importance of being active in birth

  • positions to support your labour

  • The science of a positive mindset

  • breathe and visualisation

  • massage and touch techniques

  • the role of your birth partner

  • birth options

  • pain relief options

  • birth choices and rights,

  • Induction of labour

  • plans b,c,d

  • preparing your birth plan

  • third stage of birth

  • skin to skin

  • breastfeeding and the becoming of a mother, matrescence and the first days of newborns


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