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Independent Midwife

Odette is an independent midwife with over 18 years’ experience. She began her midwife training in 1999 at the prestigious Kings College London, which linked training to St Thomas’ Hospital. After qualifying in 2002, she was offered a job as a community midwife at St Thomas’ where she was instrumental in establishing a one to one team of midwives in the community. Community midwives allowed women and their families a chance to know their midwife who was on call for them 24 hours a day for labour. Unfortunately, NHS cost constraints meant that this service was only available to a limited number of women, and was ultimately cut. This led to Odette’s decision to set up in independent practice and she has not looked back. Since 2004 she has looked after clients and their families, ensuring a relaxed, nurturing and unrushed maternity service. Independent practice gives us the amazing opportunity to devote our time to truly individualised client-centred care.


As a mother of four herself and a grandmother Odette is passionate about providing the care that she would want for her family members. She knows first-hand the value of feeling safe, secure and nurtured during pregnancy and birth. Her aim is not only to provide a high standard of midwifery care but to also help you feel more in control of a part of your life that may be very new, making you feel safe and nurtured.


Odette is an experienced antenatal class instructor who specialises in water birth, instinctive birthing, and hypnobirthing. She is also experienced in supporting women with maternity-related anxieties and has completed courses in Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics (ALSO) and Newborn Life Support (NLS).

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