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Thomasina Lowe IBCLC Lactation consultant

£130 per session

"I wouldn't be breastfeeding if it weren't for Thomasina. My newborn had a shallow latch and Thomasina helped with the exaggerated latch technique. Just a few tweaks to how I was feeding my daughter made all the difference. Thomasina was also available for follow up queries and shared lots of useful resources."
- Rita & Teresa 

LCGB Breastfeeding certification

Lactation Consultation/ Feeding support with Thomasina Lowe


90 mins @ £130 - Preparing to breastfeed (ante-natal education)

“How to get breastfeeding off to a good start” session to help you understand

how to get breastfeeding established in the early days as well as recognise

what is normal breastfeeding behaviour.


90 mins @ £130 - Breastfeeding support

One-to-one breastfeeding support in the comfort of your own home.

The initial weekday consultation fee includes additional phone/text/e-mail/WhatsApp support for up to 2 weeks after the initial visit.

An additional £10 fee for weekend visits will apply.

Unhurried, and tailored to you and your baby’s needs, we will explore together

how best to resolve any breastfeeding challenges you are facing. These

might include:


  • Sore or damaged nipples,

  • engorgement,

  • mastitis,

  • blocked duct,

  • milk supply issues – under and oversupply,

  • baby not settling after feeds,

  • slow weight gain,

  • thrush,

  • jaundice,

  • breast reduction/augmentation,

  • tongue-tie,

  • babies with special needs,

  • twins,

  • responsive bottle feeding with your own milk or formula,

  • mixed feeding,

  • how to recognise good milk transfer.

I will do this by taking a comprehensive history of your pregnancy and birth, as well as any previous breastfeeding experience. Most helpful will be to observe a whole breastfeed and practice improved attachment as well as explore different feeding positions. Then we will put a practical and realistic plan in place to increase your chances of reaching your breastfeeding goals. Although I am not a tongue tie practitioner, I have extensive experience in tongue tie having supported hundreds of babies with feeding, and can assess visually whether I suspect a tongue tie. In this case, I can refer you on to a tongue tie specialist.

2 visits/ 90mins each @ £250

This is a package of ante-natal breastfeeding education (1 home visit) and post

natal breastfeeding support once baby is born (1 home visit)


60mins @ £85 – Preparing to breastfeed (ante-natal education) “How to get breastfeeding off to a good start”

60mins @ £85 - Breastfeeding support online consultation



£20 – Breastfeeding drop-in

Infant Feeding & New Mama Support Circle

Every Monday at Moon Women’s Health from 10am-12noon 63 Chetwynd Road, London NW5 1SL

There’s no need to book, but you can below, if you want to via this link.

Gift vouchers

The perfect, most practical and lasting gift, for an expectant mum.

Please contact me for information on gifting ante-natal and/or post-natal

support to a friend or relative.

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