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Independent midwife Nadia Abououf
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Nadia Abououf

Experienced Independent Midwife & Co Founder of Womb & Bloom Ldn

I am a fully insured, registered Midwife and I have been working as an Independent Midwife for over 10 years. Most recently joining the wonderful Zest midwives as a fully insured IM. I am incredibly excited to start working again in the community.


 I gained my BSc with honours at Kings College London and completed my training at St Thomas Hospital. Over the years I have worked at nearly every London Hospital and I have links in and managed projects to improve birthing outcomes with some of London’s busiest Units.


Although I’ve always been passionate in births and midwifery; I became disillusioned with the way maternity is impacted through fragmented care, financial matters and outdated societal and political influences.

I found that my passions lay within women being empowered and supported around making true informed decisions regarding their bodies, births and babies. Holding space for birthing people and guiding them towards unbiased and rich information, removing fear and judgment and replacing it with confidence, choice and autonomy to lay the foundations for the best start into motherhood.

Through providing an individualised and holistic approach I am able to tailor all appointments and focus on areas that are important to that particular woman or family. Every person will have different concerns or hurdles to navigate through their journey. 

By paying particular attention to prevention of problems rather than treatment we can focus on providing women with the resources to retain and develop their power through this transformational process. 


In my spare time I enjoy reading, boxing to keep fit and spending time with friends and family

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