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Placenta Encapsulation Tara

Placenta Encapsulation

Starting from £200

In Traditional Chinese Medicine the placenta has been safely used as a powerful medicine for postnatal women for centuries. Tara offers both the raw and steamed versions. The placenta is made into little pills which are just like vitamins and have no taste.

Tara will arrange collection of the placenta after the delivery and return the dried capsules within 24 - 36hrs. Tara covers all of London and the Essex boarders. 

If you book with Tara she will send you full placenta care guidelines for your midwives and instructions for you. She can also lend you some special ice packs and a cool bag if available. 

Research has shown that consuming the placenta can:

  • increase milk production

  • replenish nutrients such as iron and vitamin B6

  • replenish hormones such as oxytocin and CRH

  • reduce chances of baby blues / postnatal depression

Placenta Capsules contain 100% placenta with no added ingredients

There are no known negative side effects with placenta capsules and they are all natural. 

Mothers who use placenta capsules report feeling more alert, energetic, emotionally balanced and with a healthy milk supply.

Tara is a member of PRN, the Placenta Remedies Network. PRN specialists provide the safest placenta encapsulation in the UK, following a strict code of practise and using hospital grade sterilisers to clean all equipment. 

Placenta pills: Its £200 for the TCM or simple capsules which includes the collection and return postage of the pills recorded delivery by day 3 after the birth of your baby.  Its £30 extra if you want 50/50 steamed/simple. Tara offers payment plans or a concessionary price for those on a budget.

​Placenta pills and tincture: £255. Placenta pills fo your choice, your cord keepsake and placenta tincture. This lasts a lifetime and is excellent for hormonal fluctuations such as menopause or PMT. Please see the FAQ sheet.

Smoothie pack: £100. If you fancy getting all the goodness of your placenta made up as smoothies this is the option for you. Tara will come to your home and make you up some individual fresh smoothie packs for your freezer, including fruit and any other requirements of your choice (goji berries, cacao powder etc). All you have to do is pop them in your blender with a milk of your choice. Please feel free to call Tara to discuss.

Bumper placenta package: £300. This includes placenta pills, cord keepsake, homeopathic remedies, one each for you and baby, your placenta tincture. 

Pregnancy acupuncture and pills: £380. 
1x pregnancy acupuncture with massage treatment.
5x follow up acupuncture treatments at the low cost clinic. 
1x placenta encapsulation. Can add additional placenta products to this, please discuss with Tara. 

Placenta Tincture: £65.
Placenta tincture is excellent at times of hormonal fluctuations or stress. Great for the menopause or for treating PMT. If this is your last baby you might want to get the tincture as it lasts a lifetime. This can also be made up from 2 of your capsules if you didn't decide to get it at the time. 

​Placenta homeopathy: £60
These are wonderful remedies. You get one for mum and one for baby.Tara got these following the birth of her 3rd and 4th child and they where great when they where teething, or had a cold. When you finish them you can request another remedy from our homeopath.

Upon confirmation of your order, Tara will send you more information by email. Please click if you'd like to arrange a call to discuss further with Tara.

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