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Pregnancy yoga course

Pregnancy yoga with Lynn Murphy 

£150 per person (a total of 100 hours)

5 week course - 10am - 12pm
Every Thursday morning.

Price also includes an initial one to one call to hear your story so far before we meet as a group

A sliding scale is available so do ask if needed.


The practice of yoga in pregnancy as a moving meditation is powerful, you will feel more able to listen in & trust in, your body’s innate wisdom.

As you connect more to your changing pregnant body & emotions you will also begin to feel a growing connection to your baby in utero, which prepares you both for the transition from womb to world.


My style of teaching pregnancy yoga has developed and evolved over the last 25 years, I interweave body and breath awareness with the philosophy of active birth in such away that you can embody this within you. Preparing in this way will help you feel more at ease within yourself and more confident as you look towards the birth of your baby.

We will meet in the comfort of a family home studio space to commence our gentle yoga practice together each week for a series of 5 weeks. The feedback so far from clients using this new space has been incredibly positive with each person commenting how comfortable, relaxed and at ease they felt. Just as we hope for your pregnancy yoga experience with Womb & Bloom.

"Good news I had a beautiful baby boy yesterday!  No birth centre for us due to circumstances but I still used all what I discovered in our sessions, my yoga & breath got me though with just a little gas & air. I know that all I’ve done with you Lynn since the very beginning has helped me mentally, emotionally and physically through this. A huge thank you!!".

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