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Depending on availability

*Includes full indemnity insurance with Zest

*Health insurance policies accepted.

*Bookings up to 32 weeks gestation.

*Monthly payment plans accepted.

For any questions, please refer to FAQ's or contact us here. 

We have an Access Fund

If you would like to apply for our access fund support - Please complete the form attached here.
1) Access fund application form information.
2) Access fund form.

We are actively growing our fund and while we cannot at this stage offer our packages free of charge, we can offer reduced fees in accordance with the funds we have available at the time. 

* Plus... to bring our village to you and our belief in the benefits of the services we offer at Womb & Bloom, we would like to offer the following as part of this Tier 1 package :

🌿 One FREE appointment antenatally or post birth

🌿PLUS 50% discount off one other appointment

🌿PLUS 20% discount off a group course


🌿Appointments include :

  • 30mins power call with Birth advocate Kemi Johnson

  • 1.5 hrs Craniosacral therapy with Kate leftley pre or post birth

  • 1hr Pregnancy massage with Tara Riverozea

  • 1hr Acupuncture with Tara Riverozea or Emma Campbell

  • 1hr Nutritionist appointment with Sara Obge

  • 90mins Previous birth debrief

  • 1hr Post birth ritual with Aimee Hamblyn

  • 2hrs Lactation consultation with Rebecca or Thomasina-(this will be viewed as 2 appointments in one)


🌿20% off Group courses :

  • Pregnancy yoga course x5 week program

  • Antenatal, Hypnobirthing, Postnatal preparation course x16HRS in person

  • New baby & me nurture circle x 5 week program

Tier 1

Independent Midwife & Doula Package - £10,200

From the moment of booking you receive 24/7 Midwife on call & doula support for emergency & 24/7 WhatsApp chat for anything else.


Your midwife will follow you on your pregnancy journey with up to 14 visits antenatally, labour care at home or in hospital & 8 visits postnatally. Plus you will have your doula presence throughout your pregnancy, at your labour and birth and beyond.

If you are planning an NHS hospital birth or homebirth, we wish to support you with continuity of care. This means, your Independent Midwife can visit you for your appointments privately at home. There is no obligation to attend NHS midwifery appointments if you do not wish to. The information given at your midwife appointments is non biased, personalised and evidence based, allowing you to make your own, informed decisions about your care. The information provided is not based on government or individual hospital policies or guidelines. You may choose to have independent or combined antenatal and postnatal care.

*Ultrasounds & blood tests are not included in our packages


  • Up to X14 midwife appointments antenatally :

  • ​Midwife led antenatal check-in appointments in your home. ​

  • Full checks will be carried out at home and you will be referred to any relevant services if required. Routine screening tests with your independent midwife - Urinalysis, Blood pressure and listening to your baby.

  • Every 4 weeks until 28 weeks (up to 6 in person appointments). 

  • Every 2 weeks until 36 weeks (up to 4 appointments)

  • Every week until birth (4 plus appointments). 

  • Midwife on call and doula support 24/7 from 38 weeks.

  • Doula support - 8 hours Doula led antenatal preparation conversation. These can be extensions of the check in appointments if preferred. Our goals are to establish our relationship together, talk through any fears or worries or past experiences. We are here to listen as you process along your pregnancy path. We will prepare you to write your birth wishes and walk alongside you as you increase your awareness of labour and birth. We will discuss together the power of your birthing body, hypnobirthing, the science of our minds and physiology of birth. Discuss outlines of birth plans A,B,C options, movement & positions or whatever you have in mind. We will discuss preparation for feeding your baby and the early days of Matrescence "becoming a new Mother". You will receive some prep documents for the meetings, hypnobirthing downloads and a selection of favourite go to books and websites for best birth related research papers. 


Labour & Birth

  • In person labour care with your clinically experienced Independent Midwife & non clinically trained doula at home, for your homebirth or when in early labour care and planned to transfer into hospital.

  • Your doula will be on call for you from14 days before and after your EDD (estimated due date) until your baby is born. * ​​Peanut ball and birth ball loan if required. * Tens machine loan if required.


  • 8 visits In person midwife & doula postnatal care from when you arrive home with your baby. This will continue over a 4 week period.

  • If you wish to get home from hospital as soon as possible, your postnatal care can be picked up and continued at home with your Midwife.

  • ​Postnatal care package – A nourishing hot meal and postpartum food bundle to be delivered with the home visits. See FAQ for homemade food offerings.

  • Breastfeeding support with your midwife and doula. 

  • 6 weeks 24/7 Midwife & doula postnatal phone/whatsapp support after your birth.

At Womb & Bloom, we feel every new mother deserves a free practitioner treat from the offerings we have on our website. You can decide which service most suits you.


​To book your free service appointment, or get your course discount, please liaise with your doula or look on our website for more information.


We will issue gift vouchers with your completed booking.


You can book in for either a home visit or go to practitioners clinics. Group courses are held in Tufnell Park, N19.​

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