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Birth Doula Aimee Hambyln

Conscious Conception with Aimee Hambyln

£75 per person per 60mins

If you are looking for some support for your conception and pregnancy journey that encompasses the whole of who you are I would love to hear from you!

I offer bespoke one to one healing and support in person and online.

Sessions are 90 mins for the first one and 60 mins there after.

Energy-Lift is a beautiful technique which helps to release blocks that are holding us back from peace and well-being.

By utilising universal energy and transforming the energy held within our chakras, meridians and aura we can transform our lived experience.

  • loss or miscarriage

  • confusion around pregnancy choice

  • considering embarking on parenting solo

  • going through IVF or IUI treatment

  • experiencing conflict in your relationship around conception and pregnancy plans

  • grief for longed for baby

  • getting pregnant if you are queer

I'd love to help you to move into a place

  • deeper self connection and awareness

  • greater physical and emotional well-being

  • clarity and peace

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