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Aimee Hambyln

Birth & postnatal doula, healer & massage specialist

Birth & Postnatal doula, Massage therapist, meditation, energy healer.

Birthkeeper, Healer, Meditation Teacher, supporting clients with bespoke 1:1 packages; in person and online Healing Circles; and one-day Retreats.

Based in Brighton and working with clients throughout the UK.

I love to support, passionate, creative, caring people just like you to find deep connection, inner resilience and innate well-being to guide you through whatever your life's challenges are.

Whether you are facing the transformation that the birth of a new baby brings, or you are 'birthing' a new part of your life in a creative form, a project to support your community activity or birth-keeper; my passion is to hold space for you as you reach inside and find the love, courage and wisdom that already exists within you to navigate this new part of your life!

Working with me as your birth doula.

I expect you are excited to be welcoming a new baby-human-being into your arms and into your family, but I am sure you have your doubts and fears too.   Whether its your first, second, third (or more baby) having a birth doula has huge benefits for you, your baby and the whole family.

You want your baby to be born into love and for him/her to feel safe, connected and well.

You want your birth experience to be one that you cherish for years to come.

You want more than to survive birth but to have support for your birth experience from someone who knows, respects, cares, listens you and your whole family!  Support that honours who you are as a whole person, that sees birth as the rite of passage it is, not a medical procedure.   To  be able grow in love and connection through this amazing time!


No matter HOW or WHERE you give birth (home birth in water, elective C section, or birth with medical intervention) you and your baby deserve for this to be one that you can celebrate as truly yours.


Benefits of Working with me:

  • Using Energy-Lift meditation to cut through and let go of fear that does not serve you (from past experiences, or beliefs and expectations of family and society)

  • I will hold space for you to honour all p of your during pregnancy, labour and birth, because you know birth is more than a medical procedure.

  • You want to be able to have all the information to make the best decisions for you that are entirely yours to make?  Working with me to understand your options and your birth-rights.

  • You want to be open to the inevitable unpredictability of change that is birth process.  Working with me will help you to make plans and then let go into trusting the process.

  • Working with me in your birth team means you have individualised care, I will work with you and any other birthing partners to help us all create the best support for you.

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