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Daisy Kelly

Independent midwife

Daisy is an experienced midwife with almost two decades of clinical experience looking after women at all stages of their maternity journey and has a passion and commitment to providing care which empowers women to feel safe and well-supported in every part of their transition to parenthood.

During her career, Daisy has worked in all areas of maternity care. She became the Lead Perinatal Mental Health Midwife at King’s College Hospital, specialising in supporting women experiencing various mental health difficulties. She has also worked as a consultant midwife, supporting women in making choices outside of clinical guidance, and has led a specialist team providing maternity care for vulnerable women. 

Daisy has extensive experience in supporting women during labour and birth and is completely dedicated to ensuring families feel supported and safe to give birth in the way they choose. 

The needs of women have remained the same - the need to be heard, to have their wishes respected and their worries explored. For many navigating maternity services, these needs are not being met. Daisy offers a vital service, either supplementing current NHS provision to ensure people are given the time and space to feel listened to or offering complete independent midwifery care from booking, through labour and birth, to the postnatal period. Daisy is here for you, offering a safe haven free from judgement and coercion but full of expertise. She is here to listen, hear your voice, inform your care, guide you and be by your side.

Daisy can provide face-to-face care to anyone within an hour of Orpington, South East London, or anyone worldwide via Zoom/Facetime!

"Daisy provides women, birthing people and families opportunities to explore their thoughts and concerns without fear of judgement or coercion. Their options and choices are discussed with balanced, evidence-based information so that they can make informed decisions throughout their pregnancy and postnatal journey. Daisy’s professionalism, friendliness, approachability and care inspired confidence and security that I could birth my baby where I felt safest…her patience and understanding around birthplace discussions and my anxieties never seemed to falter.”

— Emily, Mum of 4

Daisy offers full independent midwifery services, as well as support calls over the phone and one-off Antenatal or Postnatal visits. See the antenatal and postnatal sections of the website for further details on the offerings.

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