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Gokce Dayanifard

Psychic Medium and Reiki Healer

Psychic Medium and Reiki Healer.

1hr healing sessions. This can be taken in person or as remote healing. I am based in London and I speak fluent English and Turkish.


I have been doing healing work the last 20 years and have been working with people all around the world. I also teach Reiki and do Tarot sessions. After my own pregnancy and motherhood, I came to understand what a magical time it is for a woman to create life and what a spiritual experience it is, although this part might have been pushed aside with the all the medical, physical attention.


I have been studying the passage of souls to this dimension, how life becomes, the baby’s

experience in the mother’s belly, the spiritual lifetime connection between mum and the baby, the loss of baby during pregnancy, why and how we get pregnant and why some of us have fertility issues, what are the root causes of these issues and so on.


I find pregnancy fascinating and I would love to help you around these issues whether it is a fertility problem or communication with baby, energetic check up or relaying messages from spirits or complementing a medical treatment.


The areas we can tap into:

  • Elevate the general wellbeing, cleaning negative energies, aura, chakra and energy body check ups.

  • Travel in time and find out the past traumas and childhood experiences might be affecting today and heal them, subconsciousness work.

  • Help healing physical problems, pain or stress release.

  • Working on emotions, reduce anxiety, find out the emotions blocking the body and transform them.

  • Communication with baby or passed away loved ones, relay spiritual messages.

  • Grief and Loss support.

  • Fertility issues, defining them and working on healing such problems.

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