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Romy Finbow

Birth & Postnatal doula

07769 695167
Experienced birth & postnatal doula, Ayurveda, Birth Preparation Classes, Closing The Bones Practitioner, HypnoBirthing, Postnatal Massage, Postnatal Yoga, Pregnancy Massage, Prenatal Yoga

Following my doula training, I trained under Dr Gowri Motha as a Gentle Birth Method Practitioner, incorporating self-hypnosis, visualisations and fear-releasing techniques into my practise, and offer Creative Healing massage. I am also a Birthlight-trained perinatal yoga teacher and an Ecstatic Birth practitioner.


Bringing a new life into the world is a hugely significant experience for both you and your partner. I recognise how comforting and invaluable it can be to have someone to provide you with support that is tailored to your needs, to accompany you through this transition to motherhood, and empower you with confidence during this time. My holistic approach is practical, woven into my guidance in how your body, your mind, and your growing baby can be supported and nourished.


I believe your experience will be uniquely yours alone. The constant negotiation of changing emotions and hormones during your pregnancy and postpartum can be overwhelming, often leaving you feeling exhausted or anxious in one moment, and elated the next. I offer a modern, caring and non-judgmental approach. I aim to provide clarity by carefully presenting you with all your options available for childbirth – I will navigate you through the influx of information, anecdotes and opinions, and guide you to trust your intuition so that you will feel more connected to your pregnancy, and to the reality of becoming parents.


I hope that my approach will make you feel nurtured and safe, and enable you to reflect on your path towards motherhood as entirely connected to the rest of your and your partner’s lives, and that your fulfilment will translate onto and be imbued within your newborn.


My Career:

I began my career in advertising before transitioning into the fashion industry in London as a creative events producer. I thrived in this high-intensity environment and instilled a sense of calm amongst my clients. It fed my love for helping people to realise their innate power to move through personal challenges. As an inherent caregiver, my path into doulaing and the belief in women supporting women has been very natural.


When I first discovered the word ‘doula’ I realised that this was what was lacking from the childbirth experiences of so many women – an adjunct to the medical model that could strengthen the knowledge of new mothers, and enable them to receive appropriate information and unconditional support to ensure they have the most positive birth experiences possible.



  • Sheila Kamara-Hay | Ecstatic Birth Practitioner Training (2019-20)

  • Birthlight | Perinatal Yoga Training (2019-20) (currently a trainee in Postnatal Yoga

  • Robin Lim and Debra Pascali-Bonaro | Eat Pray Doula DONA International Postpartum Training Retreat | Bali (2018)

  • College of Craniosacral Therapy | Anatomy + Physiology (2018-19)

  • Gowri Motha | The Gentle Birth Method | In-House Jeyarani Way GBM Practitioner Training | London (2018)

  • Michel Odent and Liliana Lammas | Paramana Doula Training | London (2017)

  • Kicki Hansard | Birth Bliss Academy | London (2017)

  • I continue to expand my knowledge


Other Skills/ Experience:

  • Hypnobirthing and Visualisations | Gowri Motha’s Gentle Birth Method

  • Creative Healing | Gowri Motha’s Gentle Birth Method

  • Rebozzo for Birth | Sophie Messager

  • Rebozzo | Closing Of The Bones Ceremony | Sophie Messager and Debra Pascali-Bonaro

  • Belly Wrapping / Binding (pre- and postnatally) | Gowri Motha’s Gentle Birth Method

  • Homeopathy | Lynne Howard

  • Experience supporting women through caesarean births


Prenatal Support:

As your Prenatal Doula I will:

  • Provide unconditional emotional, practical and physical support, empowering you to make decisions that reflect your personal beliefs

  • Guide you towards connecting to sensations within your body and to your innate wisdom

  • Ensure that you feel confident that you understand your birthing options

  • Gently help you to plot out the most supportive path to your baby’s arrival

  • Offer you a holistic approach that interweaves my interest in birth physiology, nutrition, complementary therapies, movement, self-hypnosis and visualisations, and Creative Healing massage


Postnatal Support:

In the early days after giving birth, I feel that the most supportive things that you and your partner can receive are the things that can most easily be forgotten as attention immediately shifts to your baby. These include (but are not limited to):

  • Food: I offer nourishing, restorative and warming meals for you and your partner/ family

  • Rest: enable you to take time for yourself as you rest, sleep, shower, etc.

  • Calm Environment: ensure that your home feels relaxed and calm to help you feel centred

  • Friendship: especially if you are feeling unmoored or alone

  • Infant Feeding Support

  • Errands: everyday tasks such as laundry, grocery shopping, school runs, etc.

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