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Yolande Diver

Birth Doula, Yoga teacher & Homeopath

07730 986338
Experienced birth & postnatal doula, yoga and active birth teacher and holistic therapist.

Yolande is a London based yoga teacher, doula, holistic therapist and ritualistic space holder specialising in pregnancy, postpartum, womb health, rites of passage and earth and moon honouring ceremonies. Yolande has over 15 years of working with individuals holistically and offers accessible in person and online spaces for her clients to practice nourishing and nurturing yoga sequences, deep healing through medicine and ceremony, and has the immense honour to witness life and families being born through her many years of offering support as a birth and postnatal doula.

I have had the immense honour of being asked to support many many births since 2013 and it is a privilege to be considered as your doula to support and share this most exceptional of times as you welcome your baby earth side. I believe that birth is an amazing experience, an experience completely unique to you. As a birth doula my philosophy is to protect and respect your privacy and birth wishes, to ensure that you feel safe, supported and secure. By providing emotional and physical comfort measures for you and your partner so they can be totally focused and lovingly present for you. I am guided by my clients birth intentions, not mine. By providing a listening ear, and with permission, signposting good information this can help you make informed choices. Knowledge cultivates a feeling of empowerment in your pregnancy, so you can confidently create the birth and family that is as unique and as individual as

you are.


Some people may wonder why you would invite a stranger to attend your birth, but there is good evidence that demonstrates why having a doula is possibly a good thing. The evidence collected and conclusions have found that there is a 50% reduction in caesarean rates, 25% shorter labour, 60% reduction in epidural request, and a 40% reduction in forceps delivery. You can find the research here. But mostly my clients are often looking for continuity of care, someone who is there that they can trust and supports and upholds their birth wishes and preferences.


Trusting you and trusting birth.


“Yolande's birth prep sessions were like long, warming chats with an old friend. We explored many aspects of pregnancy and birth, and my partner and I came away from each session with new knowledge and a greater confidence.”

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