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Thank you for showing an interest in our free resources. 

We have picked through our favourite evidence based information and references so they are in one place for you to download, refer to and read at your convenience. With tips from Midwife Nadia and other practitioners in the Womb & Bloom collective and printable visuals for you to put up in your home, we hope you will find our free resources helpful in your pregnancy. We have even included some brilliant you tube videos to watch.

Click on the article of choice and it will open into a printable PDF file or take you to the video link. If you have any further questions, please book a call through our website with one of the collective team and we can speak in the phone or zoom to decide how we can support you further.

Phases of labour - The path to birth is not linear. This is a colourful visual to print & put on your fridge!

Phases of labour f - 3rd stage, birthing your placenta

Breastfeeding references - coming soon

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