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An evening with author & doula Natalie Meddings

"Why is the biology of birth seen as folklore" said @natalie_meddingsdoula as an opening line at our gathering last night.

At Womb & Bloom, we love hosting workshops, talks, creative events and space to gather, talk and share together. On the evening of the August super moon, we gathered with birthworkers and pregnant women to connect, share stories and listen to the wonderfully passionate @natalie_meddingsdoula who talked at length on the beautiful physiolgy of birthing body. She reminded us all of the basics, the miraculous circuitry and physiological process of the pregnant body to birth a baby.

"Digital times have created binary thinking, birth has become ideological if you wish a natural non medicalised experience". Powerful, words that lead us to remember the beauty, strength and form of the uterus, pelvis and its physiological dad between mother or birthing person and baby.

"The propulsive force of love that continues through life and starts at conception as two cells".

Natalie was a journalist in her past before changing career to doula. She has written two books - "How to have a baby" and "Why homebirth matters". She has a beautiful way with words, combined with a passion and wisdom. The evening together was enlightening and up-lifting, a joy amongst the storm of the current system and culture we find ourselves swirling around in. If you havent read her books, we highly recommend them, for both birthworkers and pregnant women and people. They are full of positive birth stories and a gentle approach to labour, birth and postpartum.

Natalie drew on a fabulous article written by Alex Smith at AIMS UK. Click to read this article.

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