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Group of pregnanct people and partners for Antenatal, hypnobirthing and postnatal preparation course

Antenatal, Hypnobirthing & Postnatal Preparation Course

£25 per person deposit to secure your place & Donation basis only to W&b access fund. (

*  Courses currently on hold for 2024.


A total of 18 hours over 3 days with doula & hypnobirthing teacher Victoria & an Independent Midwife plus some special guests.

10 - 4pm each of our 3 days together with :


  • 1.5 hrs with Feeding/Lactation consultant Thomasina

  • 1.5 hrs with postpartum specialist Lynn talking about the transition of 'womb to world' and your postnatal period.

  • 1.5hrs with Paramedic and First Aid specialist Elad 

An intimate group of max 10 people in the comfort of a family home.

Bonus extras

  • WhatsApp connection with your group and Midwife & doula from end of course until 4 weeks post birth

  • Meet new friends

  • Personalised creative exercises

  • Group reunions - suggested date - 3months post course

  • A hot meal, cakes, snacks & drinks are included but please bring a small something to share with group as well.

  • Free goody bag

  • Free hypnobirthing workbook

  • Free resource sheets

  • Personalised flower remedy to take home with you.

  • Priority booking for Lynn's new baby & me nurture course


At Womb & Bloom, our passion lies in bringing you into your birthing power by fully preparing you for your journey to parenthood. Doula Victoria and an Independent midwife with experienced practitioners from the collective will talk you through all aspects of your pregnancy, birth and early days of matrescence. You will learn your birth rights, the science of your mind, hypnobirthing, relaxation tools, where to find the best evidence based information, weigh up the pro's & cons of intervention, talk through comfort measures & natural pain relief and understanding biomechanics for birth. Our course will include a whole lot of focus on YOU as the birthing person and YOUR bodies incredible physiology to labour and birth. 


With intervention rates currently very high and rising and only around 34% of first time mothers getting to experience their birth without intervention - we want to arm you with a complete toolkit to feel fully prepared and empowered for your birth, your way. Whether you wish to birth in the hospital or at home, a freebirth, a planned belly birth, VBAC, natural vaginal birth or with pain relief, we want you to feel confident & trust in the power of your body, baby and your choices for an autonomous birth experience.


Using nature to support you on this journey, we will bring a creative element to our circles. Talking about the wonderful Bach Flower remedies, we will use flowers to spark conversations around our feelings and emotions right now. Our aim is to remind you to tune into your emotions and any concerns coming up on your journey. We will make our own special remedies to take away to support you throughout your journey.  We wish to hold this precious space for you, in the comfort of a family home.

"The course was incredibly useful to hear from first hand experience both from a doula and midwife perspective. I really enjoyed hearing the stories of births you facilitated. For me, it made all the things I had already read come to life and more accessible. I felt more confident after the course in my decisions, how to talk to my NHS midwife and what questions to raise." Client due Nov 2022.

I didn’t realise how alone I had been feeling until you both explained the maternity system over the course. I believe this is an integral piece in recognising my fears in order to manage them. The course was so full of information but it was delivered in a way that was easy to absorb. The way I feel now, and the way my partner feels, compared to how we felt about birth and parenthood before is so different. The course has been invaluable and I am now able to enjoy my pregnancy more :)

Hearing from the facilitators and other parents-to-be on the course helped my partner to trust my intuition and my experience rather than giving in to fear. The course helped us to have conversations I didn’t realise we needed to have, as well as helping us to feel closer in the experience to each other, and to the baby.

Client due Dec 2022.

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