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Pregnancy yoga and Postnatal specialist Lynn Murphy

Home visit - weekday fee £175 (2 hours) with follow on support material and follow up call.

Follow-up visits £90/hr.

Zoom Consultation - £75 for 1 hour

Postnatal support
1-2-1 with Lynn Murphy

Support for your Matrescence


Matrescence - the developmental phase of new motherhood, is like adolescence, a transition when hormones surge, bodies change, and identity and relationships shift.


And Baby - Creating space to understand your baby’s needs better.


This is a time of big transitions, come & discover what you & your baby need to flourish & thrive rather than just survive? 


It may be your physical recovery post-birth or the transition into motherhood plus the daily ‘doing’ of mothering itself are having an impact on your wellbeing. If so, making the space to talk through how you are doing with Lynn can be the first step to moving forwards more positively. 


Here we can also explore baby's transition into the world which can help explain many of their needs in these early weeks post birth. You will be introduced to simple tools that will help soothe and calm baby & you. 


These bespoke 1-2-1’s, tailored for you by Lynn will help you regain your confidence and build a sense of wellbeing as you discover your way to mother, that is true to you & your baby’s needs. These sessions may include elements of massage & movement for baby and other practical help around areas of concern or interest specific to you.

“Lynn came to our home when our little girl Daisy was 3 weeks old – the perfect solution in the early weeks when getting out of the house is near impossible! Lynn started by listening to my birth story and our experience of looking after Daisy so far, this really helped to tailor the session to our specific needs. Daisy had been suffering from tummy problems including wind and reflux, Lynn demonstrated some simple massage techniques on her legs and tummy which Daisy responded to really well. Then she was also able to show us a variety of different holds which instantly calmed Daisy.


Perhaps the most valuable part was Lynn’s general advice around relaxation and breathing during feeds and night time – her support and encouragement at this early stage was invaluable. She even showed me how to make a few small adjustments to our sling which benefited Daisy and helped to protect my back and neck muscles. Since Lynn’s visit, baby massage has become part of our daily routine, it is wonderful way to feel more bonded.”


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