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Acupuncture for pregnancy related symptoms

  • 1 hr with Acupuncturist Emma Campbell - £90.00 per session

  • 1 hr with Acupuncturist Tara Rivereo Zea - £75.00 per session

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Morning sickness, nausea and retching are often some of the earliest signs of pregnancy and are one of the most common complaints during the first trimester. It can also continue throughout a pregnancy. And it doesn’t have to just happen in the mornings! There are considerable physical, social and psychological effects on women who experience these symptoms.

In Chinese medicine, morning sickness is often seen as an imbalance between the liver and the stomach/spleen or from the accumulation of too much heat in the stomach. Differentiation is made on accompanying signs such as loss of appetite, heartburn etc.

Morning sickness can usually be treated by acupuncture alone. In severe and stubborn cases (such as Hyperemisis Gravidarum) herbal remedies may also be added.

Acupuncture is perhaps the most well known treatment for morning sickness. The stimulation of acupuncture point PC6 has proved to be a significant therapeutic alternative in the treatment of nausea in pregnancy. When used clinically and performed by trained licensed practitioners, acupuncture for the treatment of morning sickness is safe and highly effective.

As well as morning sickness, Acupuncture is extremely effective for exhaustion, another very common pregnancy complaints in the first trimester.


Acupuncture can also treat threatened miscarriage, bleeding in early pregnancy, and heartburn and constipation at any stage.


Acupuncture is very effective at alleviating many common pregnancy complaints, including varicose veins, haemorrhoids, urinary tract infections, pain, SPD, sciatica, insomnia, depression and anxiety, itching, oedema, and sinusitis. 

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