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Pregnancy & Postnatal yoga teacher Lynn Murphy

Birth Trauma Recovery with Lynn Murphy

£95 - 90mins session or 

£225 - 3/4 week programme

“Lynn was absolutely amazing. She made me feel listened to, validated and gave me hope that my feelings around birth could improve. After the very first session I already felt so much better. Unresolved feelings did come up, but Lynn had pre-warned me that might be the case and mostly I felt energised. I hadn’t linked it to the session until the second one came about but I was motivated to make decisions that made me feel more positive about motherhood and strengthened my bond with my little one. By the last session I felt like I had already started to resolve my feelings but I was amazed by how simply I detached from those previously persistent negative feelings.

Not long after I was at an NCT mum’s meeting and I surprised myself by how easily I could discuss my own birth story without feeling resentment but just speak because it was what it was and I felt how I felt, and that’s ok. And also, hearing other’s stories with empathy and joy, rather than having my own feelings intrude. It was truly a step forward I had previously thought might take years to achieve or might never come, instead it took just a month!
Lynn gave me that.
Freedom, hope and a safe place to talk. Life-changing, really.”


I have seen an increase in the number of women suffering trauma post birth due to covid and the restrictions that came with that. Many women gave birth without the support of their partner and once home they were unable to have the support of family & friends. For this reason, I completed my training in Birth Trauma Recovery using the 3 Step Rewind approach to add to my offering of Birth Debriefs. I bring to these sessions my 25 years’ experience of supporting women during pregnancy and new motherhood. I often incorporate body & breath awareness work into my sessions. 

It’s common to feel highly emotional in the days and weeks that follow birth but when these emotions continue to replay and possibly resurface as flashbacks leaving you feeling anxious or hyper vigilant this isn’t normal. Until these traumatic events are fully acknowledged the memories can linger and cause a real sense of distress and overwhelm in your day-to-day life.

If you have experienced trauma within the perinatal period or have unresolved emotions linked to your fertility journey TBR 3 Step Rewind could help you.

Option 1: Birth debrief: One 90-minute session (step 1 of the full rewind process can be incredibly healing in itself) Investment: £95

Option 2: Birth Trauma Recovery 3 Step Rewind: Consists of 3 sessions held over 3-4 weeks. Read more below. Investment: £225

These sessions can take place via Zoom or in person at North London clinic, or a combination of both.

**Please note, the 3 Step Rewind is not suitable for if you have been diagnosed with a mental health condition and you are receiving treatment for it, or if you are seeking a diagnosis. I am not able to provide medical help; I am not a clinician. 


Devised by Alexandra Heath Traumatic Birth Recovery 3 Step Rewind is a gentle, safe, and effective treatment. It incorporates Rewind, a simple NLP technique. Working together over 3 sessions, this process activates your own natural ability to heal by using deep relaxation, guided use of your memory and the imagination.

By becoming free of the PTSD symptoms, it is possible to feel more positive about your situation and to begin enjoying parenthood. This technique releases the feelings associated with the birth so that it is possible to look back and remember the birth with neutral feelings, the birth can still be remembered but it no longer provokes anxiety.

Parenthood can still be challenging, and sometimes those challenges may be the result of the birth itself, but everything is much easier to deal with when there is a sense of peace and calm where there was once turmoil.

This can be a truly transformational process as Rewind will lift the feelings about your birth and give you an opportunity to think differently about your future. You will realise you can choose different ways to respond to situations and you will release limiting beliefs. You will create a picture of how you would like to feel, what you will be doing, how you will be responding, what will have changed, and how your relationships would be different if they no longer had the feelings associated with any trauma you may have experienced in your baby’s birth, or during a perinatal experience.

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