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Psychotherapist & Postnatal expert Carlotta Bozzetti

Emotional & Therapeutic support for new parents with Child Psychotherapist Carlotta

Starting from £110 per session

Emotional support for new parents and parents of young children and understanding your baby's needs and behaviour.


Becoming a parent is a major physical and emotional transition, which starts with birth. Perhaps you would like to have a safe space where your birth story, no matter how it unfolded, can be listened to. Maybe you are worried about how you feel or are concerned about specific thoughts or feelings that you have towards your baby or young child. This is a space where your worries can be shared without judgement.


Most parents are concerned or have questions about their baby or young child’s sleeping or feeding patterns and would like to better understand what babies and young children’s physiological needs are.


Perhaps your experience of parenting is not what you have hoped for. Maybe your baby’s crying or young child’s anger outbursts are stirring up in you very strong emotions and reactions, which you find overwhelming and difficult to control. For some parents the experience of parenting brings up, consciously or unconsciously, memories from their past which they would like to address.


This space is for you if you would like to be helped to make better sense of these experiences and start to understand together where they are coming from. When we bring unconscious beliefs into the conscious mind, we start to become aware of our patterns and triggers. And when there is awareness, change and healing is possible. 


Therapeutic work with parents who are worried about or struggle to understand their young child's behaviour


Babies and young children communicate in a very different way than adults. They do not talk about their emotions or worries, instead they communicate through their behaviour and play. Sometimes you may feel confused or worried by the type of behaviour that your child is displaying, or perhaps you may wonder if the things that they do or say are developmentally appropriate. These sessions will help you to better connect and understand what your child is trying to communicate, and we will try to think together about the possible reasons.


Usually the first session is for parent/s only. If further sessions are suggested we will decide together if bringing in also your child. Sometimes parent/child sessions are recommended, and in some occasions the child may benefit from individual sessions.

For both emotional support and therapeutic work I charge £110 per session and it can be either online or in person in Stoke Newington.

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