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5 visits alternately with Midwife & Doula + 6 weeks whatsapp = £1450

10 visits over 4 weeks alternately with Midwife & doula + 6 weeks whatsapp = £2760

You can book an Independent Midwife and doula to visit you in your home after your birth plus six weeks availability on whatsapp.

Your Independent Midwife and Doula will visit you alternately in your home postnatally to discuss anything, concerns, questions or listen to as you debrief your birth experience or signpost you.


You Independent midwife will be available for :


Baby's heel prick test

Baby Jaundice check (Bilirubin levels)

Baby weigh in's

Baby's general health check in and explaining normal baby behaviour.


Mothers perineal check

Mothers suture removal

Monitoring blood loss and blood pressure and ensuring recovery is presenting well.

Breast or bottle Feeding support

Your Independent midwife and doula will both be part of your support village.

For IBCLC Lactation consultations , please see postnatal services page to book with either Thomasina, Rebecca or Regina.

Midwife & Doula Postnatal care package 

For any questions, please refer to FAQ's or contact us here
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