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Postnatal specialist Carlotta Bozzetti

Preparing for your postpartum with Carlotta

£300 for group course over 5 sessions

One to one sessions available upon request.

Are you a first time parent and would like your postpartum experience to be nourishing and regenerative but you do not know how to achieve this?

Would you like to have a different postpartum experience from your last time?


INNATE's Planning for the Fourth Trimester Course is for pregnant Mothers and families - to prepare for a nourishing, regenerative postpartum period.

This course focuses on the 5 Essentials of Postpartum Care - which are found throughout the world's postpartum traditions AND are deeply rooted in women's physiologic and psychological design. These 5 Essentials of Mother-Centred Postpartum Care are: an extended rested period, warm in temperature, warm in nature, easy to digest, nutrient-dense food, bodywork, warmth and community.


The course consists of 5 classes.


The first 4 class of INNATE’s Preparing for the Fourth Trimester Course happen PRENATALLY. Information/education about postpartum physiology and psychology is shared, and each family is supported to develop a postpartum plan that meets their unique needs.


The 5th and final class of INNATE’s Preparing for the Fourth Trimester Course happens in the postpartum period. The families that participated together in the first four classes meet again, once everyone is at-least 6-weeks postpartum. The purpose of this final class is for Mothers and Fathers to be witnessed and celebrated by this community.


This course offers essential postpartum education to women and their families with time-tested postpartum wisdom interwoven with modern science – supporting women’s long-term health and vitality. It also helps families create postpartum care plans tailored to the unique needs of each family.

During the course you will : 

·      Learn the 5 Pillars of Postpartum Wellness

·      Create a Postpartum Care Plan

·      Integrate Postpartum as a Long-Term Family Wellness

·      Fortify Community + Support

·      Learn Essential Ways to Deeply Nourish your body and mind


INNATE Postpartum Care works from the foundational understanding that: maternal health is foundational to society’s health. When mothers are healthy and well, families are healthy and well. When families are healthy and well, communities are healthy and well. In optimally taking care of the mothers, we are taking care of the future generations.

The planning of the fourth trimester course is £300 per mother/couple

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