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First aid training course

Family First Aid 
2 Hours Face to Face with Paramedic Elad Amswych

From £150 per couple + additional £25 for family members at home.

In the W&B studio or 1-2-1 at home

This classes will provide the confidence to deal with any medical emergencies should they arise when looking after infants and children.  


We recommend this full two hour class for when you haven’t taken any first aid training previously.

Who is this class suitable for?

These classes will benefit those who may need to help an infant or child during an emergency, including:

  • Parents

  • Parents-to-be

  • Grandparents

  • Other Family Members and Caregivers

What does this 2 hr class include?

  • Responsive / Unresponsive Child 

  • Recovery Position

  • Choking

  • CPR

  • Anaphylaxis and Allergic Reactions*

  • Head Injuries*

  • Fever and Febrile Convulsions*

  • Recognising Meningitis*

  • Swallowing Poisons*

  • Burns*

  • Cuts, Wounds and Fractures*

What will I get out of this class?

Our Family First Aid classes will equip you with the knowledge, skills and confidence to deal with any medical emergencies should they arise. 

This is a non-qualification class.

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