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Birth Doula and Healer Aimee Hambyln

Post birth ritual & healing 1-2-1 with Aimee Hambyln

£150 - 120 mins session or 3 shorter hours sessions over 3 weeks @ £270

Self care in your postpartum period is a vital part of healing and a rite of passage to honouring what your body and baby have been through in the process of pregnancy and childbirth. I offer a post birth healing ritual that supports you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  The mother or birthing persons' and baby are energetically one, a dyad.  The co-regulation of the mother or birthing person and baby's nervous system is the foundation for good long term health and wellbeing.  When the baby is born the 'mother' or 'parent' is also born a new. 

The healing ritual is a combination of traditions and modalities that I have learnt over the last 10 years supporting new parents.  It combines traditional touch based holistic massage, energy-lift healing techniques, sound mantra, and the art of 'hip-ing'.

Hipping is the name of that of the Ceremony that my teacher Rocio Alcarron shares.  She is an ethnobotanist from Ecuador and was taught the skills of post partum healing by her "grannys" the Curanderas or shamans of the amazon where she lived and worked.  It is similar to the mexican practice of Closing the Bones ritual and other practices that have originated in South America and is a gentle supporting ceremony using a traditional shawl called a “Manta” or a “Rebozo”, to rock and articulate the mother's hips, followed by a gentle abdominal and pelvic girdle massage using a warming oil, and then finished by tightly wrapping the cloth around the hips. It is nourishing and comforting to those who have given birth both recently and years ago. It is also known to be beneficial as part of the postpartum recovery process and is a wonderful way to feel really nourished and deeply appreciated after the birth of your baby. This ritual also helps to realign and balance you as well as help return to your centre, both physically and energetically.

Energy-Lift healing helps to clear the body and mind, to reduce symptoms of anxiety, fear, to rebalance the nervous system and brings clients into a state of deep peace and relaxation.  During the session we have time to talk through your birth experience of anything that needs to be shared and held.  There is time to stop to feed your baby if necessary.  


  •  Bring more blood, oxygen and nutrients to your organs and tissues

  • help your womb and other organs come back into their not pregnant place in the body

  • support all the connective tissue, ligaments and bones of the pelvic area 

  • bring alignment to the pelvis and hip bones


  • Relax and deeply trust your intuition as a new parent by connecting to your inner GPS of wisdom and strength (beyond the mind)

  • Feel refreshed and energised for your unique life as a new parent.

  •  Connect to the highest version of yourself to create from a place of authenticity and meaning in your life.

  • Feel more love and connection within yourself and to your baby

  • When you the birthing person feels held and healed everyone in the family benefits.

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