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Postnatal specialist & Psychotherapist Carlotta Bozzetti

Emotional support in your pregnancy with Psychotherapist Carlotta

£110 per session, in person or online.

Becoming a parent (for the 1st, 2nd or 3rd time) is a massive shift in someone’s life and identity. Pregnancy may be bringing up strong and conflicting emotions that leave you feeling worried and overwhelmed. Perhaps your conception journey hasn’t been a straightforward one, or you may have experienced losses in the past. Maybe you are worried about giving birth, possibly after a first difficult or traumatic experience.

I create for mothers and partners-to-be a safe space. Individual needs, worries and questions can be shared and listened to without judgment. In the protected container of the sessions, you will be supported in starting to make sense and process some difficult emotions or difficult past experiences. I share evidence-based knowledge to enable families to make informed decisions about pregnancy, birth and the early years.


I charge £110 per session, and the sessions can be either online or in person in Stoke Newington 

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