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Independent midwife Nadia & Birth Doula Victoria

Independent Midwife & Doula Virtual Support

Midwife Nadia and doula Victoria are available to offer a booking of 5 calls on the phone or via ZOOM at any point of your pregnancy, birth or postpartum journey. 

For any questions, please refer to FAQ's or book a call above. 

5 calls on phone/zoom at any point in your pregnancy & birth journey 

Do you wish to discuss something that is bothering you.


Do you wish to speak to an independent midwife or doula on the phone or zoom for reassurance or support when labour begins at home.

Do you wish to stay at home for as long as possible before transferring to the hospital.

We are available if any concerns or worries or if you simply need a sound board to put your mind at rest before making a decision or not.


Booking will be required based around your due date.


We offer 5 calls or a total of 100 minutes of our time on the phone or zoom.

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