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Agustina Plos

Birth doula & Germanic New Medicine® practitioner

07754 799090
Birth doula & Closing the Bones & Germanic New Medicine® practitioner (Spanish & English)

I'm Agustina, a London-based doula with a passion for undisturbed & physiological birth. My ideal is that all women should feel in charge and as free as possible while experiencing pregnancy and childbirth.


I left med school in my 5th year after realising we are putting our power too much outside of ourselves. Since then, the journey has been one about going within and I decided to become a doula to help us transition into this new paradigm. 

As your birth doula, I will protect your space while giving birth & make sure you feel safe & confident and are guided by your inner voice & instincts.

I will also listen to you & your needs, support you emotionally & practically before & during birth, hold space for your partner, plus help you navigate the system. I also like to share unbiased information (assuming there is such a thing!) so that informed choices can be made that are not based on fear.


I also work with the Germanic New Medicine® paradigm to address diseases and symptoms. I think this is a very empowering framework when it comes to addressing most of our ailments.

Our western, contemporary paradigm is based on fear & the medicalisation of life, saying our bodies fail and need to be repaired. However, for me, the GNM® paradigm has confirmed what I've always known: nature is wise, it adapts, it has a purpose and meaning. 


This is not to dismiss the industrial obstetrical complex or the current medical model. I think there is a place for everything in this world. However, I do think the balance has been quite off, to the detriment and disempowerment of the individual.


A few more bits about me:

I am a natural 'space holder'. I also sing and enjoy doing the creative art of vocal improvisation! I've always been drawn to life mysteries, particularly the dyad 'birth-death' and I've always been quite existentialist about existence (no pun intended!)

I've been journeying on the Buddhist path for a few years now and, more recently, also started walking the embodied path of Qi Gong and Chinese internal arts. Getting back to our bodies seems to be one of the strongest callings of our times! 

You can always surf my website for more info:

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