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Independent midwife care
Depending on availability
*Includes full indemnity insurance.
*Health insurance policies accepted.
*Monthly payment plans accepted.

For any questions, please refer to FAQ's or contact us here. 

Independent Midwife Only Package A
including labour support
- Up to 22 Midwife visits



Up to 14 Antenatal appointments​

Visit every 4 weeks until 28 weeks

Visit every 2 weeks until 36 weeks

Then weekly visits until birth

Routine screening tests

WhatsApp group support chat to include birthing partner until 6 weeks post birth.


Labour and Birth Services

We offer 3 different labour and birth support packages. All ensure continuity of care throughout.  

Depending on the package you go for we can provide early labour assessments in your home and then be with you wherever you may choose to birth.

Hospital labour support

Provides you with advocacy and support during the birth of your baby. This offers you the opportunity to have continuity of carer during your hospital birth.

Whilst hospital midwives will come and go as their shift ends Your Independent midwife will be constantly there to liaise with the midwife on shift, provide advice, advocacy, expertise, information, and emotional support. You IM will also champion any decision you make and respect your choices.

Home or Hospital 

Your IM is on call 24 hours a day for your labour and will visit you at home day or night for an early labour assessment. This helps encourage oxytocin (the labour hormone), increasing your chances of having a straightforward easier birth and the related benefits of home birth. Once you are in active labour you can decide to either transfer to the hospital, stay at home longer with monitoring, or have a home birth. You IM will always be prepared to support and lead you whatever you decide so you can make the choices that you feel are right for you as your labour progresses. 


8 Postnatal visits over 4 weeks

Telephone support for 6 weeks after birth

Breastfeeding support

Care provided in your own home from the next day after birth

Home Birth

The UK government supports home births, as a woman’s choice to have the birth she wants. Evidence indicates that the health outcomes of home births are just as good or better than those of hospital births, and there is also a range of practical and emotional benefits. It has been found that women feel a greater sense of control over their birth at home and are more relaxed which in turn encourages a short, easier birth. Babies are also more appreciative of a relaxed and gentler environment.


Other benefits of home births include:

  • Increased maternal satisfaction

  • Decreased risk of postnatal depression

  • Reduced risk of caesarean section

  • Reduced risk of forceps delivery

  • Reduced risk of postpartum haemorrhage

  • Reduced risk of birth injuries​

Home or Hospital support packages:

  • Your own personal midwife and backup midwife

  • One-to-one continuity of care throughout your journey

  • can either supplement NHS care or replace it depending on number of visits and which stage of pregnancy you are at.

  • Antenatal appointments include a  full health check including checking up on the wellbeing and development of your baby by listening to their heartbeat, assessing growth/size, assessing positions to identify whether your baby is breach. We can also perform blood pressure checks and urine tests.

  • Early labour assessments in the comfort of your home

  • Midwifery labour support giving you one-to-one care and continual support during active labour from your personal Midwife

  • Advocacy and emotional support to ensure you get the birth you want

  • Expertise and informational guidance

  • A second Midwife during home labour

  • Your visits will be personalised to you and we include a discussion of a variety of topics including nutritional advice, creating a detailed birth plan, tips for labour and birth as well as preparation for your baby's arrival

  • Up to 8 postnatal appointments which can include: essential postnatal mother and baby checks such as  baby weigh-ins, jaundice monitoring, monitoring the health and development of your baby, newborn blood spot screening and recovery post-birth

  • TENS machine loan

  • Breastfeeding advice and support

  • WhatsApp group support chat to include birthing partner

  • On call 24hours a day 

  • Postnatal telephone support during the first 6 weeks after birth

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