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Lynn Murphy

Active Birth teacher & yoga specialist for pregnancy & postpartum support.

07234 234 322
Active Birth, Pregnancy, Postpartum & Woman’s Yoga Senior Teacher. Birth Trauma Release Practitioner, Mother Mentor. Plus a passion for Pelvic Wellbeing for all stages of Womanhood.

Lynn has been in the field of pregnancy, birth, motherhood and beyond for over 25 years. An experienced space holder for all stages of womanhood, supporting women through the medium of embodied yoga and breath awareness that allows woman to feel more at home in themselves. She also offers Birth Debrief & is a 3 Step Rewind Practitioner and Mother Mentor. 


Some of you will know Lynn from her time as the former Co-Director of the Active Birth Centre that closed in 2020. Lynn has been involved in the training of many others over the decades. In recent years she has focused more on sharing her experience within trainings on other practitioners deepen their skill bases in the support of the postpartum period, starting with the fourth trimester.

​It has been such an honour to be part of so many women’s journeys​ over the past three decades. Travelling alongside them as they navigate their way through pregnancy & birth into motherhood. I believe in helping women ‘to feel’ into their lived experience during this extraordinary transition and to this day I am always moved after holding space for women be it a 1:1, small class, or large group it’s what makes me still want to get up in the morning, being part of something that is universal and links us to the cosmos.

My approach to yoga is inspired by Vanda Scaravelli, focusing on the idea that less (effort) brings more (ease), and that our bodies are always learning and evolving. The space we enter in yoga is a place to become more in touch with ourselves and breathe. Many of us are looking for movement that brings a sense of ease to the body, a form of moving meditation. A woman’s body often craves a more gentle and playfully nurturing approach, something more fluid and embodied. This is especially powerful in pregnancy as we prepare for labour and birth, and as we reconnect to our postpartum bodies.

I believe this same approach can also be applied to parenting our babies. Babies are a great source of education to us all, when we watch babies with curiosity, we can learn so much that will help us better respond to their needs. Every baby I have ever met has been so wonderfully unique that no one way will suit them all.

​My aim is to support you on your birthing & parenting journey through an approach that is based on ‘keep it simple’ and ‘less is more’. Helping you as you mother through the wonderful highs, and the more challenging moments, to remember you are good enough - just as you are.

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