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Regina Covington

Independent Midwife, Tongue Tie Practitioner & Lactation Consultant

07876 376 746
IBCLC Lactation Consultant & Tongue Tie Practitioner

Hi, I am a Mum and Midwife. I live in North London with my Yorkshire Terrier, Daisy and my lovely big family are all within 30mins drive from me.

My maternal grandmother was a midwife in the early 1900’s and earned £5 for her efforts. She stayed with the birthing families in their homes for days at a time, until my grandfather decided she needed to be home more for her ever growing family. She had a total of 13 children. She would often tell me stories when I was a teenager about birth, at this time I never paid attention and I so wish I had.

When I began my training as a midwife in my 30’s I was completely unaware she had been a midwife. It was only during my first year that it dawned on me when I started learning about complications of pregnancy that she wouldn’t have known some of the things she told me unless she was a midwife.

My favourite story is of grandma’s being given their first grandchild to raise as their own and they would breastfeed even though they hadn’t been pregnant for that birth. At the time I thought it was strange that a woman who hadn’t been pregnant could breastfeed. Now with my knowledge I know this is definitely possible. I’d love to know what herbs she would have used for this!

I have worked in the NHS and in at St John & St Elizabeth’s Hospital in their birth centre, before becoming an independent midwife in 2010 as I knew this would be a more rewarding way of supporting families.

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