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Vicky Walker

Birth Doula & Homeopath

07971 810697

Birth Doula & Homeopath

I am a birthkeeper, homeopath and herbalist specialising in women's wellbeing and peri-natal health. Empassioned by a recognition that the empowered feminine, experiencing optimal reproductive health and birth are the foundation of nurturing families and communities, I have been supporting women's well-being, positive pregnancies and post-partum periods since 2007. Using homeopathy, herbal medicine, yoga and sacred bodywork and meditative practises, I am able to help bring optimum health and embodied connection.


My insights as a birth doula have enabled me to consolidate this vocation through a deeper understanding of women's bodies. I offer this work without judgement and with the intention to facilitate births that are transforming and dignified. Babies born in peaceful circumstances, to informed, conscious parents,  have the best chance of growing into healthy, secure, compassionate adults. This in turn leads to a more compassionate and interconnected culture, with a higher regard for the natural world and wider humanity. ​

I am an intersectional feminist and honourer of the entwined Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies. I am strongly focused on facilitating women to engage with methods of self care and respectful community that can form the basis of ongoing reproductive, emotional, psychological and spiritual well-being. 

I also offer online consultations employing natural modalities for birth preparation, labour and post partum recovery .

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