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Katrina Caslake

Independent Midwife

In order to practice midwifery the way I was taught, namely giving women continuity of carer and the opportunity to get to know their midwives, I chose to work as an independent midwife once I qualified.

I believe in the traditional midwifery skills of being with women whilst maintaining up to date practice, keeping myself informed of the most recent research based evidence. I am pleased to be able to provide fully insured midwifery care to clients either at home or supporting them in hospital.


I am a qualified massage therapist and infant massage instructor. I firmly believe in the importance of touch as a form of communication for humans. Sadly we have become more insular in our modern world and we live with more stress related illness despite all the medical advancements of the last century. Communication through touch can convey trust, love and strength without interrupting nature. The bond between parent and child is strengthened through touch.

I have always been fascinated by the miracle of birth, particularly how nature is so clever. Witnessing women being supported through a natural process, learning to trust their bodies and welcome the changes in themselves is an honour.


I was inspired to become a midwife during my pregnancies in the late eighties. I combined motherhood with accountancy when Aaron and Tomas were little, once the boys started secondary school I enjoyed training for the most important job in the world. With the love and support of my husband and children I succeeded in getting my degree at University of Surrey in Guildford, gaining practical experience at East Surrey Hospital and within the community of Dorking. I spent my elective placement at The Crowborough Birth Centre learning more about water births.

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