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Rate 3-6 hour block starting at £75

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Postnatal Doula Package with Nadya Mousawi

Fourth Trimester

When a baby is born so is a mother and as you get to know your little one you’ll be getting to know the new you.

Becoming a parent can be the most enriching and transformative life experience imaginable, which also comes with physical and emotional challenges. After growing and birthing a tiny human, it’s time for you to heal, rest, recover and bond with your baby. I’m here to provide mother-focused postpartum care to support you as you start your journey.

Being in your home during this most precious time is an honour that I care about deeply and navigate gently, and I’ll be there for your practical, physical and emotional needs. You’ll have the opportunity to talk, unpack and debrief your birth in a safe place as I listen. I’ll hold your baby while you enjoy some of the food I have prepared for you. I’ll run you a bath to give you a moment to relax or catch up on sleep. I’ll give your toddler my time, making them feel special. I’ll be sitting with you or in the background, pre-empting your needs, always holding that space. When not with you, I’ll be available to chat or message any time you have questions.

The support I provide is tailored to each individual; some families opt for support every day and then reduce it when they are ready, whereas for others two days a week is sufficient. We can discuss all this when we meet to ensure we make a plan that works best for you with the aim of empowering you to navigate your journey with grace and confidence.

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