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Psychotherapist & Postnatal practitioner Carlotta Bozzetti

Postpartum care time with Carlotta

Please book an informal introductory call with Carlotta to discuss her hourly fee & packages. 

Postpartum care is a necessity, not a luxury, for families to thrive. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the postpartum is considered one of the three Golden Opportunities that a woman has in her lifetime to either improve, or else risk damaging her health. Most traditional cultures have developed postpartum practices that respond to the physiological and emotional needs of new mothers and are shared worldwide. Birth represents an immense transition, and a lack of proper care can have long-term negative consequences on maternal health, which would impact the whole family system. 


The postpartum requires specific care for the body, mind and soul. My aim is to bring back into the collective these practices and rituals, in order to celebrate mothers, to give recognition to this new phase of their lives and support their long-term health. 


My offerings could include, but are not exhaustive to:


·      A guided meditation to support the integration of all types of birth experiences

·      A warm oil postpartum massage, for healing and detoxification

·      C-section scar’s massage

·      Guidance on nutrition to aid healing

·      Guidance on exercise after birth

·      Providing with postpartum herbal infusions to nourish the new mother

·      Providing with herbs and flowers for a blissful postpartum bath


Some mothers do not have a clear idea of what they would like. Sometimes what they need is the presence of a caring person, who holds (both metaphorically and literally) them and the baby, allowing emotions to unfold, and who can witness them while their body heals and they adjust to their new role and life. 


My support is tailored to meet your individual needs and unique family. I offer both home visits and online consultations. Prior to our first meeting, there will be an introductory 15 minutes call with either the mother or the partner. This will help me to start to get to know you and your circumstances. 



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