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Victoria Lemmon birth doula & Antenatal teacher
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Active Birth qualified
Zest insurance
Biomechanics for birth qualification
Biomechanics for birth Advanced certificate
Hypnobirthing certification
Trauma informed training

Victoria Lemmon

Birth Doula, Active Birth & Hypnobirthing  Teacher & Founder of Womb & Bloom London

Hi, Im Victoria, I am a recognised doula with Doula UK. I live in North London, Islington with my husband and two children. My own life journey through conception, birth, loss and motherhood have transformed me and I am here with a full heart to support birthing women, people and couples on their journey to becoming parents.


​As your doula, I will accompany you through your birth preparations, listen intently as you process along your pregnancy and walk with you into labour, birth and bonding. I will protect your space and keep you feeling held. I am optimistic yet pragmatic, calm and compassionate without judgement or an agenda. My support is unconditional.​


I do not give medical advice nor do I undertake examinations or perform any other clinical task. I cannot make decisions for you but I am here to help you find your voice or act as your spokesperson when and if appropriate and with prior permission. I can help you communicate with your midwife or other medical professionals to ensure you have all the information you need to make informed decisions during pregnancy, labour, bonding and early parenting.​


I can provide continuity of care for you and your partner, make suggestions for planning and preparing your birth and bonding. I am able to make suggestions for labour progress, support you with relaxation, positioning, breathing and other comfort measures. ​


I can safeguard your bonding period and am available for you to debrief your birth experience after the baby is born. I do not come between you and your partner but rather support you both.​I am available to help with preparation for feeding (breast, bottle or mixed) and can trouble shoot or signpost you to local services where needed.


I trained on the Paramana Doula course taught by the world renowned birth educator Michel Odent and Liliana Lammers. I am a certified Active Birth teacher by Janet Balaskas, a leading influencer in birth education and midwifery practices. I joined Doula UK in 2018 on a mentorship program and am a volunteer with Happy Baby Community, offering support to pregnant women who have fled violence or traffickers. A charity I feel incredibly privileged to be part of.​ At the start of 2022, I trained with The Birth Uprising to update my hypnobirthing skills. I feel very proud to offer the resources and tools from this brilliantly, inclusive, modern and fun training program.

For 4 years I have been working in the community as a User Rep at our local hospital with the Maternity Voices Partnership (MVP) and I am trained as a breastfeeding helper with the Breast Feeding Network in our local area. I am insured and DBS checked and actively updating my training through professional development courses, recently completing the Molly o Brian, Biomechanics for birth training, trauma informed care course with Katie Woods and The Birth Uprising hypnobirthing program 2022.​ I recently enrolled with the wonderful Zest midwives to be fully covered working alongside Independent midwives under this insurance program.

Walking and running in nature, dancing around the kitchen, singing (terribly out of key!) and enjoying food and baking are my other personal passions but just being and having fun with my family and friends brings me utter joy. I'm a sucker for a self-development book or podcast and especially love reading chapters from A new earth book by Eckhart Tolle. It’s a staple at my bedside table!

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"Thank you so much for everything. I would never have made it as far along at home without you and am so grateful to have had an all natural birth. You vouching for me, getting the pool sorted etc made all the difference and it was your quiet but firm confidence that allowed me to know I was safe". Oct 2022

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