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Birth Packages Overview

We offer both Independent Midwife & Doula team birth packages, or Midwife only packages, all fully insured and highly recommended!

W&B offer full continuity of care packages with an Independent Midwife and Doula where ever you choose to birth. We are available to support you from the start of pregnancy, through birth and into postpartum for unbiased, individualised, personalised continuity of care. 


Whatever you choose, we are here to form a bubble around you as part of your village on your pregnancy birth and parenting journey. 

Independent midwife Nadia

Tier 1

Independent Midwife & Doula Package

Up to 22 Midwife Visits
Independent midwife Nadia and Birth Doula Victoria

Tier 2

Independent Midwife & Doula Package
12 midwife visits
Independent midwife Nadia

Tier 3 for planned hospital birth.

Independent Midwife & Doula Package

8 midwife visits

Do you always work in teams? I think I only want a Midwife/Doula.

Doulas and midwives bring different but equally important skills to the pregnancy and birthing experience. Combined, a doula and midwife team can meet your emotional, psychological physical and clinical needs in a more holistic way. 


If you'd like to read more about the benefits of a midwife & doula team click here to read Nadia & Victoria's story. 

 Midwife & Doula team package overview 
table  birth packages.png
To book or for any questions please get in touch below 

Midwife Only packages are with any highly experienced, fully insured midwife of your choice (subject to availability). 


Independent Midwife Only - Package A

Up to 22 Visit Package

Including labour support

  • Midwife Visits

    • Up to 14 Antenatal appointments

      • - every 4 weeks until 28 weeks

      • - every 2 weeks until 36 weeks

      • - then weekly until birth

    • 8 Postnatal visits over 4 weeks 

  • Midwife on call 24hours a day for labour with back up midwife on standby

  • Routine screening tests

  • Care provided in your own home from the next day after birth

  • Breastfeeding support

  • Telephone support for 6 weeks after birth

  • Fully insured midwife

*Booking to be confirmed by 36 wk gestation, please get in touch as early as you'd like. 


Doula Birth Packages

From £1500..
Birth Doula packages

You can enquire to work with one of the wonderful doulas in the W&B collective. Prices & packages are discussed directly with each doula. We can ask availability and connect you. Drop us an email or call directly.

Examples of Doula support services:

  • antenatal, birth preparation conversations 

  • labour and birth support 

  • postnatal support and care

  • any other practical, ceremonial or emotional support you might need in your journey to matrescence.

*Booking to be confirmed by 36 wk gestation.


Independent Midwife Only - Package B

12 Visit Package

Including Labour Support

  • Midwife Visits

    • 6 Antenatal appointments

    • 6 Postnatal appointments

  • Midwife on call 24hours a day for labour with back up midwife on standby

  • Routine screening tests

  • Care provided in your own home from the next day after birth

  • Breastfeeding support

  • Telephone support for six weeks after birth

Available from 37 weeks of pregnancy for a home birth & from any period of pregnancy for a hospital birth   


Independent Midwife Only - Package C (Hospital Birth)

8 Visit Planned Hospital Birth Package

Early labour home assessment only

  • Midwife Visits 

    • ​4 Antenatal 

    • 4 Postnatal

*8 total visits, can be split as you like across antenatal and postnatal ​

  • Whatsapp support group chat to include birthing partner, until 6 weeks post birth.

  • 24 hour on call support excluding labour 




*Booking to be confirmed by 36 wk gestation, please get in touch as early as you'd like. 

midwife only packages
midwife doula packages
To book or for any questions please get in touch below. 

Independent Midwives

Inde Midwives birth packages
Independent Midwife Nadia Abououf

Experienced Independent Midwife & co-Founder of Womb & Bloom London

Nadia's lineage is from a long line of midwives, her heart has been in the birth keeping field from a very young age. Nadia has a holistic, person centred approach to her work and is a passionate and dedicated independent midwife. Coffee shop meet ups with Victoria is where Womb & Bloom birthed as her first newborn baby.


Independent midwife

Odette is an independent midwife with over 18 years’ experience. She began her midwife training in 1999 at the prestigious Kings College London, which linked training to St Thomas’ Hospital. After qualifying in 2002, she was offered a job as a community midwife at St Thomas’ where she was instrumental in establishing a one to one team of midwives in the community.

Tongue tie practitioner Regina Covington

Regina Covington

Independent Midwife, Tongue Tie Practitioner & Lactation Consultant

Regina understands a tongue tie divider & lactation consultant can make a huge difference to a new mothers breastfeeding journey. She is a passionate and dedicated practitioner and IBCLC consultant supporting families at home and in a clinic in North London. Regina has also worked as an NHS and Independent midwife for many years.


Independent midwife

Katrina believes in the traditional midwifery skills of being with women whilst maintaining up to date practice, keeping herself informed of the most recent research based evidence. She is pleased to be able to provide fully insured midwifery care to clients either at home or supporting them in hospital.

Doulas birth packages
Birth Doula Victoria Lemmon

Birth doula, Active Birth & hypnobirthing teacher & Founder of Womb & Bloom London

Victoria's own experiences called her to change career to work in the field of birth work, to be a presence for women, people & couples in their pregnancy & birth. Victoria appreciated the sense of a village of support and founded Womb & Bloom to form a collective of gorgeous birthkeepers to offer packages, services & lots more.

agustina doula.jpeg


Augustina is a birth keeper and doula with a passion for undisturbed, physiological birth. She left med school on my 5th year after realising we are putting our power too much outside of ourselves. Since then, the journey has been about going within and within. Augustina also work with the Germanic New Medicine paradigm. Spanish & English

Birth & Postnatal Doula Anna Haig

Experienced birth & postnatal doula & three step rewind practitioner

Anna is a calming, caring, passionate and experienced birth & postnatal doula & wonderful cook! After 10 years of working in the NHS as a Therapy Technician, Anna left to study, firstly for a Health and Human Sciences Diploma, followed by a year of midwifery practice. She has supported many women in pregnancy and labour, gained invaluable experiences and insight.

Birth Doula & Homeopath Vicky Walker

Birth Doula & Homeopath

Vicky is a birthkeeper, homeopath and herbalist specialising in women's wellbeing and peri-natal health. Empassioned by a recognition that the empowered feminine, experiencing optimal reproductive health and birth are the foundation of nurturing families and communities.

Birth Doula & Yoga teacher Yolande Diver

Birth Doula, Yoga teacher & Homeopath

Yolande is a London based yoga teacher, doula, holistic therapist and ritualistic space holder specialising in pregnancy, postpartum, womb health, rites of passage and earth and moon honouring ceremonies. Yolande has over 15 years of working with individuals holistically and offers accessible in person and online spaces for her clients to practice nourishing and nurturing yoga sequences, deep healing through medicine and ceremony, and has the immense honour to witness life and families being born through her many years of offering support as a birth and postnatal doula.

Kate Sinclair photo.png

Doula and Perinatal Planner

Kate is a mum-of-one, living in Islington, London. She is a trained Birth and Postpartum Doula and is deeply passionate about supporting growing families during this special time. Kate's services cover the whole perinatal period from pregnancy through postpartum. We are here to lighten the load and help you feel nurtured and supported in this exciting time!

romy finbow.webp

Birth & Postnatal doula

Romy offers antenatal birth preparation, birth support, and postnatal care. She trained under Dr Gowri Motha as a Gentle Birth Method Practitioner, incorporating self-hypnosis, visualisations and Creative Healing massage fear-releasing techniques into her practise. She is also a Birthlight-trained perinatal yoga teacher and an Ecstatic Birth practitioner.

Birth Doula Aimee Hambyln

Experienced birth & postnatal doula, healer & massage specialist

Aimee feels into everything and her presence is incredibly comforting, loving and deeply authentic. She is a birth and postnatal doula and doula teacher. 

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